I’m Bailey and already had several litters in my young life so I’m looking for a place to chillax and just be a cat with a family who understands my needs. I don’t mind the occasional


I’m Maria I was abandoned by my previous owner so not much is known about me. My foster mum says I’d suit a family with older children or a young couple. I love to play and follow my foster


I’m Delphine and I have lived with children and one other cat since I was a kitten, and although I’m very friendly, I’d probably be better suited to a pet free home as I have never bonded

Queen Bee

I’m Queen Bee and I was brought into the vets office with a horrific leg injury and no one knows how I managed to survive but here I am! Now after being cared for by a lovely vet nurse I’m


I’m Panther and I’m a lovely boy who has lost his original owners. Some lovely ladies and gents have looked high and low for them but no one has claimed me so now I’m looking for a new


I’m Scrumpy – a hunky chunky former street kitty now looking for a place to call my own. Not much is known about me but my foster mumma says I have the potential to be a loving boy, I just need


I’m Terrence and I’m looking for a new home as my hooman has a baby and we just don’t get along. All the other small hoomans I’ve been living with have been fine but I need to live


RESERVED I’m Laroux a loving boy who likes nothing more than cuddling and playing with toys. I’ve been brought up with children and one other cat so I shouldn’t have an issue with fitting


RESERVED I’m Breatrix a lovely 1 year old girl whos looking for nice family who is patient as I can be quite shy. I’ve lived with other cats before but I would need to be introduced to them


RESERVED I’m Angus and I found myself homeless after my previous owner chucked me out on the street! Thankfully a lovely lady from the rescue took me in and now I’m hanging out with her family


RESERVED I’m Atlanta and in my short life I’ve been a mumma several times until a lovely couple came to my rescue and took me and my babies off the streets. All of my children have been rehomed

Mad Max

RESERVED I’m Max and I’m being rehomed through no fault of my own. I’m an indoor kitty and despite my age I still love to play and climb up high so I can survey my kingdom. I can be a bit


RESERVED I’m Rorschach and I was found a stray. I’m a lovely friendly boy but I’m still learning how to be a cat and play! It would be nice to rehomed with a family that already has


RESERVED I’m Vanity and I’m looking for a quiet home possibly indoors. I’d be purrfect company for someone who has to spend a lot of time resting or in bed, because I’m friendly and


RESERVED I’m Prince a lovely chilled affectionate boy that needs to be rehomed due a relationship breakdown. I’ve recently recovered from getting hit by a car (that’s what the vets think)

Siouxsie Sioux

RESERVED I’m Siouxsie Sioux a very confident 1-2 year old and I get on well with other cats. I’m inquisitive and playful and also enjoy being picked up and hugged. I’ve never been around

Alfred & Barbara

RESERVED We are Alfred (M) and Barbara (F) looking for our new home together. Alfred is a confident, playful, friendly little boy who will happily have playtime interrupted for a snuggle. Barbara is a


Max is an elderly ginger boy who has kidney failure and is on a special diet. He is living with foster carers in a flat in the city. Ring or text if you would like to sponsor Max: 07785 361 477

Tiggy Junior

Could you sponsor Tiggy Junior? Tiggy Junior was hit by a car and damage was done to the nerve endings near the bottom of his tail. This means he needs help to wee (or express his bladder) 2 or 3 times a

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